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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Found Another Blog That I'll Be Closing Out


It may not make any sense to post this isolated post here (particularly from a blog that I'm either closing or, at least, putting on "hide" ("private").  For now, I'm moving this post (and the blog's "banner") here.  I'll move it somewhere else later   Since I'm closing that particular blog it's not as if this is "advertising" for it (or anything like that). 

The Role of Narcissistic Thinking in Bullying

For the last few years I’ve been researching the subjects of bullying, intentional verbal/emotional abuse, unintentional verbal/emotional abuse, and Narcissism; with the aim of trying to fit together the various “puzzle pieces” in a way that helps one view these subjects as part of one, larger, picture.   While I’ve had related writing projects in mind, I’ve also wanted to be able to put together that one, big, “puzzle picture” as a way of helping myself feel as if I “had my head around” the overall problem(s) of some people mistreating other people.

I’ll write more about all of these subjects (individually and combined) as time goes on.  One thing that is clear to me after being able to see that one, larger, picture is that our society encourages some ideas that obviously contribute to breeding people who are guilty of some of the behaviors in question; and that for all the talk in the world about “zero tolerance” (etc.), what it will take to drastically reduce the incidence of these problems would be to better understand how society so often contributes to the breeding of guilty parties, but then to shift some of thinking that exists in our culture these days.

As I’ve just started this blog not too long ago, I thought I’d post the following link to a piece I wrote fairly recently, The Role of Narcissistic Thinking in Bullying

As I said somewhere else on this blog (if I recall correctly), these and other interpersonal matters are the subjects to which I plan to primarily devote my online writing for awhile.