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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Of Writers Versus "Plain-Old People"

Just the other day I ran into a couple of quotes aimed at writers.  The message in one of them was that writers don't really write from experience, because if they did all most writers might get out of their own experience might be one book and (I think it said) a couple/few poems. 

Then a related quote showed up near that one, and the idea of that one was that once a writer has written about his own childhood he most often doesn't have much else to write about (or something along those lines).

When I saw the two quotes my first thought was that maybe some writers spend more time writing than they do really "having a life", and that could explain the apparent wide-spread lack of life experiences in some.  The other thing that occurred to me was that, perhaps, some people really shouldn't be writers at all because writers generally need to be able to notice the things in life that, maybe, a lot of other people wouldn't notice.   With regard to the idea that writers often have "nothing" to write about once they've written about their childhood, my thoughts about that were that the things about which I want to write pretty began after I'd passed through what was a very nice childhood.  Occasionally, I've found things to write about that were related to my childhood; but for the most part, it is the life I've had since becoming grown up that has offered me the most inspiration, "fuel", and drive when it comes to writing subjects.

When it comes down to it, however, I think I've realized that I'm far less "writer" than I am "just a plain, old, person"; so while writers may spend their time trying to think up, dream up, all kinds o fascinating things about which to write; plain-old  people sometimes simply live their life until it calls out to them to be written.

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