As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Updating, Reonovating, and Re-Thinking Of Some Of My Online Writing Continues.....

Having had record-breaking snow and cold in my area has, I suppose, at least had some shred of benefit to me, simply because I've spent so much more time in the house.  That means I've finally had the time to look over my years of online writing, figure out what needs to go, what needs to be updating, etc. etc., and just do some much needed Spring-cleaning. 

For now, this blog remains in a state that isn't exactly in keeping with my aims to keep it up-to-date.   To be candid, this particular blog isn't one of my top priorities (no matter how many plans I've had for it).  In any case, and while I do some "renovating" here, I thought I'd post a few pieces of writing, rather than leave the page empty.

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