As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Friday, May 29, 2015

Just an note that isn't particularly in keeping with the original aims of this blog:   Hey!  I forgot I had this one. 

Trying to clean up and organize and ever growing and ever changing bunch of online writing, on an ever changing Internet, is like trying to sort out an accumulation of any kind of stuff that builds up over the years.  There's the stuff one wants.  The stuff one may want some time.  The stuff one doesn't want but holds off on throwing out (because it's easy to throw out what isn't convenient today, only to discover regretting it later for one reason or another).

You know it's bad, though, when you go through whatever it is you think you've kind of kept on top of (at least enough to have a rough idea of what you have in categories).  Maybe it's a matter of, say, "Those are all my books in that box.  Those are all my holiday decorations."  (That type of thing). 

With my bunch of blogs in varying stages of development (most not developed very well at all - and no, it's not a case of ADD.  It's just case of too many things on too many back burners, and for good reason).; I've at least had whatever blogs I have, or have started, in one place - sort of.  That place is, of course, online.

Then again, I've also kept back-ups, copies, and any number of other reassurances  in any number of other non-online locations.  After all, one must keep  just about every word one ever writes, even when one knows some of those words aren't worth keeping.  I'm not sentimentally attached to most of what I write.  I'm just practical.  I don't feel like re-writing something I've already written.  The trouble with that, of course, is that in order to go find what one has already written one must be well organized

While I'm really good at being well organized with the stuff that I care about; in the interest of not spending a lot of time worrying about being organized with the stuff I don't care about, I'm a big one for dumping  that unimportant, half-finished, stuff  that I'll PROBABLY never want to see again - but then again, may.

When we approach this type of cleaning/sorting job in offline life there's often  that thing where we get out one of the boxes of stuff, go through it, and say, "Hey, remember this?  I forgot I had this."  That's when we decided to either keep the item, throw it away, put it in another box, or just not deal with it and instead throw it back in the box.

With online writing it isn't just a matter of "online or off", or even a matter of hard drive versus "other", or even hard drive "divided by" "personal", "business" (that type of thing).   It can also be a matter of different types of writing one has done, not to mention different online locations (some of which are, by themselves, in their own categories).

In any case, in my latest attempt to organize and sort some of the stuff I have online, I was going through one "box" of one type of blog; and I did the thing, "Hey - what's this?  I don'[t even remember what this one is!"  Worse than that, when I clicked on and looked at this blog I wasn't entirely sure whether it's a Blogger one or Word Press one (or "whatever", as they say).

So, upon looking at it more closely I saw that a) it's a Blogger one, and b) the reason I couldn't immediately identify it was that I started this one in one of my moods of aiming to be a minimalist and have a blog that was little more than words - not colors, no pictures,  just words.

The thing about "super minimalist", of course, is that (just as with any files full of typing/writing), it can be difficult for even the person who wrote it to know what it is immediately.

So anyway, this blog was one that I found, re-identified to myself, and decided to put back in the box  I still like the  thing about "super-minimalist", but this particular box wasn't the one I was planning to start to sort as I begin this most recent project of sorting things.    Back in the box it goes for now.  Back to what I started trying to do before I ever ran into this blog.  I'll think about what to do with it some other time.

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