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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Egg On My Face

January 8, 2014 You've probably heard of the expression, "egg on my face"? Well, I just had a situation that just about wins the proverbial prize (not to mention takes the equally proverbial, and similarly metaphorical, cake) when it comes to having egg on one's face; but it may not be the kind of thing you're thinking...

Earlier tonight I realized I hadn't really eaten much, so I figured (of course) that I should eat. Well, I've been scrambling the occasional egg for several decades now, and never before have I had one pop out of the shell, jump up a couple of feet (or however much) into the air, and land not only on my face and eyeglasses, but also on my hair and shirt! Ew!! Ew!!! Ew!!!

I mean.. When I cook eggs I handle them with a couple of baggies on my hands, use plastic knives, paper cups, and anything else that prevents possible contamination/cross-contamination (specifically, Salmonella). Even when I don't think any of the raw egg has ended up on the counter I do a whole "bleach thing" just in case. So, the only thing that I have to wash (and make sure doesn't have "the wrong" bacteria on it is the pan, which, of course, is heated after it has come in contact with the raw egg.

So anyway (and again) Ew!! Ew!! Ew!!!

This is SO much worse than my previous "all-time-record", horrible, Egg Story about how my husband was watching my little son, my son requested a boiled egg, and I came home to discover that my husband had somehow managed to boil the egg in a way that involved my arriving home to discover boiled-egg bits stuck on the ceiling. THAT was gross (and kind of hard to figure out how someone might do that - and, yes, I'll admit to being a little judgmental about that particular incident and the person who tried to boil that particular egg).

THIS, tonight, is just disgusting! And so, although nobody had to ever know about this "horror", I suppose, at least when it comes to the matter of egg events, I could - at least in some small way - have that proverbial "egg on my face" in more ways than one.

In case you're wondering, I did manage to wipe off enough of the egg to eat the scrambled eggs (what was left of the one that had exploded), but - really - knowing that I had egg in my hair took a lot of the joy out of things. I know that they say when "horrible" things happen to us we must pick ourselves up and "get back on the horse". Still, at least right now and maybe for some time to come, I think the next time I decide that I might like scrambled eggs, I'll have toast instead. :)

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