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Friday, May 29, 2015

Close-Captioned Television - Not Just For The Hearing-Impaired Any More

October 8, 2013 Close-captioned TV - not just for the hearing impaired.

Whether I'm alone or with a friend, if it's evening I often watch what my friend(s) and I call "Gist TV". That is, have the television on in order to keep the house from feeling like a morgue, but keep the sound off. (If it's day-time there won't be any television on in my house at all, because I have a "policy" about how television and daylight don't belong together at all.)

Anyway, "Gist TV" allows me/us to get a rough idea of what's happening without having to pay a lot of attention. Television can sometimes be so predictable that there's never much need to have the sound on, as long as one can see the overall picture and activity. Sometimes, of course, something will go on that peaks the interest. When that happens I temporarily put on the sound in order to figure out what's going on before I return to "Gist TV".

"Gist TV" goes very well with listening to music, something I far prefer to watching television. Again, the occasional glance over at the television is enough to get a rough idea of whether I can immediately return my glimpses to my monitor, or whether I should temporarily restore the television's volume in order to know what's going on - or at least in order to know as much as I want/need to know about what's going on - on television.

News, of course, is best watched with the sound on. On the other hand, I've been known to leave Jeopardy on because of its colorful background (lots of purple) without sound. I'm not a fan of that show, but I'd rather have soundless Jeopardy than the more aggravating-looking entertainment shows that are on the other stations at that time.

Truth be told, however, I have to admit that I do sometimes miss something I probably would have preferred not to have missed; and only because "Gist TV" is - well - just the gist.

While I'm reasonably happy to miss even stuff I, maybe, would rather not have missed; my guest(s) sometimes show signs of frustration, even when they're ordinarily as indifferent about television as I so often am.

The answer? Two words: "close captioned". It's perfect. AND, sometimes when I may actually be a little curious about the answer to one of the written questions on Jeopardy, I'm no longer left feeling as if I'll never know if I was correct or incorrect when I thought I knew the answer but didn't feel certain about it.

As I write this I'm also listening to music AND watching the eleven-o'clock news (with the help of close-captioning). Ah, yes... multi-tasking AND "Gist TV-Watching" at their best.

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