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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are something I have "a thing" about.

While the world, and gadgets, are full of all kinds of calendars of all kinds of varieties, I still want a wall calendar hanging unobtrusively in the corner of at least one room or all, preferably where anyone who wants a truly quick look at a calendar can easily go there and have that quick look.

It isn't enough, either, that a wall calendar just do the job of being that easy-to-look-at calendar. It has to be the kind that has different, beautiful and/or cheerful pictures that are changed as each page for each month is turned.

My practical reason for always wanting a wall calendar hanging is that it's not at all unusual for someone to be in the house, talking with me or someone else; and inevitably asking a question like, "When's the seventeenth?" or "What day does So-and-So's birthday fall on?"

Sure, everyone has a cell phone, and every cell phone has one or more handy calendars. The thing is, though, that it can be a little bit of a pain in the neck to get out, or go get, a cell phone; and go through the menu to get to the calendar. My own cell phone (like many others, I imagine) has a calendar that's super-easy to get to. Still, it's just sometimes quicker and easier (and lazier, maybe) to go check that wall calendar.

Wall-calendar pictures (if they're the right kind) can add a touch of cheerfulness to the room. Somehow I just kind of like that, particularly in a place like a corner of a kitchen.

When it comes down to it, I don't really care if anyone ever wants to know when one date or another is, or what day some event falls on. And, I don't check my wall calendar very often. But, it's there - a hint of a calendar-era past, perhaps - doing its job, being a hint of cheerfulness, and serving to remind me (and anyone who sees it in my home) that just because something is available through the wonders of technology it doesn't mean that some of the nicer, and friendlier, things of a past era are no longer important and/or welcomed in our daily lives.

Maybe that's just me. That's the point, though. It's just me - still me, the same living and breathing human being who appreciates a cheerful picture in the corner of the kitchen, and who wants to make sure that anyone in the house (guests or otherwise) is accommodated when he's away from his own computer (or wall calendar) and wants to check out what day something falls on or how many days are left before some event takes place.

One year I wasn't able to find a calendar for some reason (probably because I waited too long to look), and my daughter made me one. I loved it, and it was the most special calendar I've ever spent a year looking at. Several years later I again couldn't find a wall calendar (at least one that I liked well enough) until August. I just felt like there was something missing until I did find one (and at that, the pictures were of kittens, which I love - but not for a wall calendar).

In any case, as I said - I just have "a thing" about wall calendars.

Now, since I have my next-year's calendar all set for hanging, should I hang it now (because, of course, it has December 2013 in it), and then have to hang the new one in less than a month? Or, should I live with the old one until the beginning of the new year, and make a "mental big-production" out of hanging the new calendar as part of the New Year holiday?

Hmm. Before I decide what to do about when to hang the new calendar, let me go look at my calendar and see, exactly, how many days are left before January 1.

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