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Friday, May 29, 2015

Can Alcohol Use Of The Father Affect An Unborn Baby?

February 25, 2014 After running into a post about potential damage to unborn babies, and whether their father's alcohol use may play some role; I thought I'd write this post with some basic information that anyone interested in this subject may find easily readable - but also, enough to suggest that future fathers may want to be careful about their habits when it comes to alcohol use or use of any substance that has the potential of affecting the health of sperm, particularly when there are plans to start a family.

Here's the post that was the inspiration for this one:

Because sperm are not like eggs, in that eggs don't have the high risk of mutation with every cell division that sperm do. All the eggs a woman will ever have are formed by the time she, herself, is born. New sperm, on the other hand, are being created all the time - and with that comes cell division and the potential for mutation.

The links below provide more information that relates to toxic substances and/or alcohol use in fathers-to-be or "soon-to-be-fathers-to-be".,1

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