Oh, brother....

Thursday and Friday I was kind of feeling crummy, and a bunch of things had gone on that made me kind of frazzled. So, I "put off until tomorrow what I really could have/should have done today" (that was Thursday and Friday); and, for the most part, kind of took a couple of days off. (Well, at least when it came to SOME things.)

Since Bubblews is a spare-time thing for me, or at least a skimmed-time thing for me; Bubblews was the first to go - and go completely. In other words, I only used the PC for doing the absolute minmum that I needed to do and pretty much stayed away from it other than that.

Two days off can do wonders for a person. So can a Saturday afternoon out when the temperature is close to fifty, at least some of the horrendous snow has melted (sort of), and one decides not to even think about groceries and instead just get fresh air and socialize.

So, by last evening (Saturday) I felt like myself and came to Bubblews. Of course there were - like - eight billion notifications (kind of overwhelming, but a) I was feeling energetic and back to myself again, and b) (let's be honest) some of them had to be "left unattended". I was overwhelmed enough not to really use my ordinary "sort-of-system". Instead I just kind of willy-nilly went through the list, picking one name or another and taking it from there. In the meantime, needless to say, more notifications kept coming. No problem. I told myself I'd just spend the late part of Saturday night, reading posts (etc.). In fact, I told myself that it was probably good not to do anything more demanding than that - particularly after having felt so crummy.

THEN, though.... I ran into at least three posts about subjects that gave me ideas for my own posts; and that's when it all unraveled (well, at least with regard to how-ever "raveled" it was in the first place anyway). At first, when it was only one, I just figured I'd write it. Besides, it was on a serious subject; and I just thought it was "worthy". A couple of other-people's-posts later, however, I was "inspired" to write a second one. If I recall correctly, that was the one that was goofy and super-long. But, I had a little fun writing it, so "whatever" (but also, "oops" lol).

Having fallen super-far-behind on the notifications; for some reason, I started going through the newest ones (and they kept coming), while the list of not-so-new ones grew longer and longer.

So, short story long: Everything went out of control, but I did end up with (I think) three posts but also having pushed off the immediate page a particularly stupid post about the weather (which I've been wanting to do for days but haven't done because a) I couldn't think of anything to write after I wrote the stupid one, and b) I then started to feel crummy anyway.

With three posts, a bunch of coffee, and having had a little fun writing (as well as reading in-between times); I got to feeling really great at, I guess, around 4:00 a.m. And, as all experienced and skilled pullers-of-all-nighters can generally attest, by 5:30 a.m. I was feeling REALLY, REALLY, great. Well, ,that was until 6:00 a.m. started to roll around, and for another half-hour or so I ignored the sleepiness (exhaustion, really) that had started to pick up speed; and plodded my way through a whole bunch of people's posts. BUT, we all know what can happen in a few hours on here.

So, what I've done is to make an MSWord document of all the notifications between "then and now", so that I won't lose them. I'm looking at the "6:44" on the clock right now and (as I so often do) thinking about what an idiot I am. In the meantime, I've saved all last night's notifications. Some of them I got to anyway. Some don't apply really (well, you know the ones, "So-and-so commented on your comment", when they really were commenting in general or else on someone else's comment.)

The point is that I did save the notifications list from last night. Who knows what will show up between now and when I return. I'll deal with those when the time comes, but my main thing was that I didn't want to lose all of those from last night just because I "went wild" and wrote some long posts.

So, even if I've been kind of "wise-guy-ish" (or whatever) as I've written this particular post; I just wanted to say, "thank you" to (particularly) the people who read, liked and/or commented on the posts I wrote when I'd really planned to only read and not post at all; but also to let people know that if I haven't already gotten to them somehow that I will. It's just that (well let's put it this way) I'm an idiot sometimes who apparently has little control of her own free-time activities. :/ :/

Image: ME Whelan