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Friday, June 3, 2016

I Apparently Have A "Carpal Tunnel Type Of Thing"

Ever since I've been using the particular computer set-up I've noticed that I should be careful about using a child-sized mouse where this one happens to be located.  It hasn't really been just that, though.  My coffee mug has a screw-on cover that was making me notice the minor wrist issue.  Then there was the frequent dumping (and wrist twisting) of my coffee carafe and/or things like big vases.  Anyway, I knew I should be careful, and I would be for awhile.  Then the thing would feel better, and I'd forget to be as careful as I should be. 

It wasn't like I didn't know that if you do some little thing you have to be careful for quite a long time if you're not to aggravate it.  Sometimes we tend to ignore what we really do know.  So this has gone on for - like - a year or more.  Every time the thing acts up it reminds me to be careful (again) for awhile (again).

Over the last few weeks I've moved some heavy things or carried some heavy things, which kind of got the thing going worse than it has been.  I kept kind of ignoring it until it got bad enough that I made some changes in things like where I keep my coffee, etc.  Somewhere along the way I got the whole thing REALLY going.  After a couple of days of being REALLY careful that died down some (at least so I could think straight and do some things).  Now, I'm getting it back to better again.  This time I won't forget to be careful for a good, long, time.

The thing with a wrist thing is how, with such seemingly "nothing" movement (and in such a short period of time) there can be so many aggravating movements that make the thing worse.  I mean...  in about a matter of two or three hours it can turn out that I move it wrong (and aggravate it) in a new and different way.

I've already been through the whole "knee issues" thing and gotten past that.  I'm not in the mood now for a "wrist issue" thing.   The biggest knee injury was a whopper of a thing.  This wrist thing is such a small thing.  Fortunately, yet again, it's getting better again.  It's just aggravating that such a small thing is a matter of so many little, tiny, moves of "stuff" in the wrist that they add up in such a short period of time.

When something seems so minor, and it isn't the first time it happened (and you've ignored/gotten over it) in the past without problems), it can be so natural to just ignore it a few more times.  I suppose it hasn't helped that I use the computer so much.  The odds aren't all that great when it comes to re-doing a minor thing over a period of time.    (And all this "wisdom" is from a person who was paid to write an article on repetitive stress injury.   :/  )  It's just so easy to overlook what is, in fact, small stuff (at least in the beginning) when you've had all kinds of big stuff and been able to manage it fairly effectively.

In any case, after that "bit" that went on over the last week or so I'll be more careful with the wrist.

None of this makes for interesting reading, I know.  As I mentioned in the previous post I'm in an "on hold" mode for now.  Besides everything else, typing too much does seem to be being felt in my arm; so that's yet more reason to be "on hold" for awhile.

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