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Friday, June 3, 2016

Just One More Thing On The Wrist

Before I rest the wrist and arm from typing I can't help but commenting on how many different, seemingly "stupid", little moves aggravate this thing.    There's almost an insidious thing about it.  I could list each of the many, tiny, and "stupid little" things; and it would seem hard to believe that such "stupid little" things could add up the way they have.

One of the reasons I've ignored the wrist thing for so long is that it has only been in fairly recent times that it seems to escalated as it has.  Not that I think anyone is going to be reading this blog/post, but in case, at some point in the future someone does; let me just say that if you can't, or don't, put an immediate end to aggravating even the most minor of injuries; you can find that over time, or under some circumstances, you'll end up feeling like the thing is being "assaulted" with almost every move you make.

Moral of the story:  Just FYI, if you already have a "wrist thing" it's not a good idea to move your 8-lb hand weights in order to get to your 2-lb ones.

Other Moral of the story:  If  you've made your "wrist thing" worse, and you're trying to figure out a new, good, place to rest  your arm while you're at the computer; it's not a good idea to put your foot on a foot-stool and then rest your forearm across your leg and then lean on it.  (Just sayin' )

And yet OTHER moral to the story:  If you've already done the above don't carry a giant bag of heavy laundry based on the idea that if you do a giant load today you won't have to worry about doing laundry again tomorrow once the wrist and arm have had a day to get worse.

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