As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Finally Just About Finished Organizing The Free-Time, Online Writing

Although, out of necessity and for reasons I won't go into here, this blog has quite a bit of stuff on it that I'll eventually move; I've set up this one blog as the one I'll use as my "only real one".  It's not that I don't still have stuff (posts, pages, blogs, accounts, etc.) that doesn't need updating, polishing, transferring, or deleting.  I do.  It's just that I now have a better idea about what I need to do with any number of those things.

I haven't really written anything (or at least anything worth writing) online since, I think, last Winter.  (The combination of that record-breaking Winter combined with the long-running upheaval with Internet "writing platforms" (like HubPages) and then combined with any number of factors  in online/offline life meant I either didn't have the time or energy to do any writing AND THEN to decide whether, if at all, I'd post it online.

I actually did build up a little collection of new stuff in my computer.   It's just been a matter of not being certain I wanted to post it in one place or another (and not having my own site or blog that I saw as "worth adding something good to".

As a result, blogs that I set up with the idea of eventually further developing them went neglected (which is different from "not-being-neglected-and-just-in-need-of-the-next-step-while-still-having-a-long-term-aim").

Then I had old stuff that that I moved from one place but never really decided to move it to another place.  But, I had also stuff that I moved from one place and willy-nilly (well, sort of willy-nilly) posted in any number of places that looked in need of something new.

For the most part, once I decided to try to do something with the online mess that had "gone on" as a result of the number of years I've spent on the free-time stuff AND the general upheaval in the world of online writing; the only thing I felt like writing was (as this, right here is) yet more discussion about my own, individual, process of trying to sort out and organize any number of things.  (Actually, I vowed to myself that I was not going to write any more stuff that was longer than, say, a paragraph, about the ongoing organizing/sorting project.  Anyone who actually reads this will now see that I haven't quite managed to keep that particular vow.)

In any case, I've made some real progress with regard to de-emphasizing what needed to be de-emphasized.  And, I've made some reasonable peace with not yet being able to transfer, delete and/or otherwise polish up a number of things that either fall under the category of "long-term aims" or else "not hurting anyone by not being deleted today".

The only real reason I'm writing this particular post is to have yet one more "explanation"/"organization" post in case a) I don't happen to do anything else on this blog for a few days, and b) (I'll be honest) to get rid of the most recent post that has a picture on it that I don't want to keep seeing every time I'm at this blog.

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