Without a whole lot of history of my personal mix of Internet-writing types or experiences; let's just say that after I'd eventually kind of settled on HubPages for my "writing-for-me" writing, and after things seemed to be taking a turn for where I wanted them to (as far as what writing got traffic); Panda hit in early 2011. (For anyone who doesn't do online writing: Sorry, I'm not going to explain what Panda is here.)

Anyway, right before Panda hit I'd started to see some of my less-than-dynamic Hubs add up to a greater percentage of my overall monthly earnings. I wasn't horribly hit by Panda, but people involved in online writing pretty much know that whole saga. Long story short: I was all thrown off with my approach to online writing (at least on that particular site).

So, eventually (a year or so ago) I found Bubblews with the idea of using this site as my "break from writing" and as a place to just socialize. I pretty much don't socialize online at all, but I like to have one place where I can take a break from work/writing and just hang out.

Because I was/am a writer, I figured I'd post some writing with my profile, just in case there were other people who are like me and enjoy finding things to read. I didn't do a lot on this site between May and October. My plan was to (as time permitted) load up x amount of posts as part of a "Phase I" thing, and then once I had inventory start posting shorter, more "socializing", posts.

A lot of the time I did have to spend on this site, I read other people's stuff (and maybe commented here or there). As I said, my original plan was to have that one site where I do a little genuine socializing.

It was a couple of months ago (I think) that I decided I was ready to kind of stop posting stuff that was "real reading" and get more into "real socializing" instead. I haven't put in a lot of effort to find like-minded connections, mainly because I was all involved with that "Phase I" plan I had for this site. (I've just had the thing that as long as "long" writing was allowed on this site, and as long as a lot of other people had posted long posts; I may as well not entirely separate myself as a writer AND person; and just approach this site as both.

For personal reasons (but also with some of those "personal reasons" amounting to having gotten kind of exhausted by the ever-changing Internet evolution when it comes to online writing) I kind of took a "mental vacation" when it came to any heavy-duty Internet-writing efforts. Well, for a few weeks I'd just read stuff on this site. As I said, my original aim was to use this site as a break from work/writing.

My plan was to finish up my "Internet-writing-thinking" vacation and move on to what I was thinking of as "Phase II", which would be to put in more effort finding connections that I thought had some version of a similar approach to this site; and then to use this site as that break from writing/work by reading other people's stuff, maybe finding the occasional discussion, and making a few quick posts here or there. I thought I'd kind of covered all possible contingencies with my approach to this site (and I even considered how I'd handle any writing I'd done if this site were to go out of business entirely; it is, after all, the Internet).

So, just as I was about to embark on my "Phase II" efforts (which I'd thought had been so carefully and strategically planned)..... WHAM-MO!!!! Whole new "deal" on Bubblews!
Oh well... I'll adjust. Those of us who have spent any time writing online are generally pretty skilled at adjusting to an ever-changing and still (in the scheme of all-of-history) relatively new Internet.
Honestly, though, sometimes (at least for those of us who have been involved with online writing-related stuff for awhile now) it truly can feel as if the whole, bloody, Internet is out to get me/us !!!!.

 Note:  I'm including a link to the original post on Bubblews for my own record-keeping purposes.  No need to click on it.  The only difference is that image appears as a header.
   "Starting To Think...."