As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Note About Graphics With Posts...

As I continue to (on the one-hand) try to organize a very mixed and extensive "collection" of online writing; but as I also continue to aim to not-write yet more posts (or whatever else) about that organization effort, itself;  I've decided to design a little graphic for some posts that fall into some categories, certainly not all posts.

While some posts speak for themselves and/or can be presented in a way that's right for the individual post, I've decided to make some other types of posts that don't do either of those things.  They're just little things I've written in one place or another that I thought may add some variety to this blog.

What I do or don't do with any of these "for-variety" posts with regard to, say, labels will depend on how important I think doing that type of thing is.  Some stuff won't deserve more than the graphic.  Other things may deserve a little more attention as far as being able to organize things goes.

The purpose of these little graphics (so far I only have two) will mainly be for anyone viewing my page(s) so that they can easily identify "what the heck" the thing they're looking at is. The way I see it, the relatively unobtrusive little graphics will be easy to spot/find for anyone interested (including me, as I continue to organize things), but won't, in the case of posts that are a little more than "just-for-variety",  make a visual mess of the post.  (Besides, there's always the the option of clicking a graphic off a post if I don't think it should be there.)

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