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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

♫ Pocahontas - 'Colors of the Wind' Lyrics ♫

Although I'm certainly well aware of the context/purpose  of this song (which is, to me, one of the nicest songs ever written - although there are certainly many), there's one line in this song that strikes me the most (and kind of "gets to me" every time).
That line is the part about, " high does the sycamore grow?  If you cut it down....." (etc.)
But, while these lyrics focus on Nature and the Earth (and the creatures and the trees, etc.); while the lyrics are not lost on me, when I heard this song I inevitably think of human babies and children, and about how many - whether anyone realizes it or intends it or not - babies and children are "cut down" long before they, or anyone else, ever gets to see "how high that particular sycamore would have grown".  And by "cut down" I don't particularly mean the ending of a life. I mean the tendency of so many people to look for things that are wrong with a child, rather than look for what may be wrong FOR the child.  In fact, I mean any number of things that go on with babies/children that amount to their never getting to see "how high" they would have grown had something not gone on that "cut them down" far too soon.

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