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Friday, April 1, 2016

Someone Online Asked (Essentially) About What's Good About Spring 2016....

In a discussion "type of section" on a site where I often go when I'm bored and looking for something to write about, someone asked the above question.  I didn't notice that it was under the category of "Spring Around The World" (or something like that) until I'd written what I've now decided to turn into a post here (because it really isn't right for that category).

In any case, although I have my aims and purpose for this blog, over recent times I've written a number of "nothing" posts.  And, it doesn't help that some of the stuff on here was moved from other places and still needs some clean-up, organizing, etc.

Although today was extremely "March Winds-y", it was - like - 70 degrees or close to it.  And, although the day started out super-dark and ominous-looking, by afternoon the sun was out (not necessarily making the extreme wind any less noticeable but a nice reminder of days to come - and not a bad later part of the day in the meantime).

So here are my thoughts on Spring 2016 (and not so much because there's something new and different about Spring in general, but because for me it's finally a return to all the usual things that Spring has always been).

Personally, I don't recommend reading this post because it wouldn't be interesting to anyone.  I know that I'm sick to death of the subject that's the focus of my post and thoughts about Spring 2016.  That's the thing, though:  This Spring I can finally (knock-on-wood) stop thinking about the subject I'm sick of and just begin Spring "like a regular person".

So here's my take on "what Spring 2016 means to me".

Spring is always my favorite season.  It's always better (as far I'm concerned) to see/know that Winter (especially where I live) is on its way out and we're at the beginning of a good stretch of weather that tends to be nicer than "not the least bit nice".  From crocus season on through fairly late in Autumn one or another kind of flower/blossoms are out but Spring also has the tree blossoms added to the mix. 

None of that's new, though.  This year Spring is better for me than it has been for six years because I did a major leg injury six years ago, and it wasn't helped when I did the other leg three years ago because I relied on it too much for too long.  None of that would have mattered much if I didn't live in "the boondocks"  with limited or "weird" transportation.  So, while both injuries have been improving consistently they didn't improve enough that the arrival of the last two Winters didn't involve set-backs.  At the beginning of the 2014/2015 Winter injury Number 1 was pretty close to "good as new", but injury Number 2 was not (it was only two years old).

By the beginning of this Winter that just passed both were close to "good as new", but I'd been working on getting back some strength when Winter happened and made walking outside impossible most of the time.

I've spent what indoor time and rare outdoor time I could trying to build up strength (which I've pretty much done); but Winter has made me generally out-of-shape for the 3- to 6- mile walks that I do (so while the injuries aren't really much of a factor now, I've been working on getting back to where I once was, which was able to walk (sometimes) as much as 40 , or at one time, 100 or so, miles a week without having to get over it when I did.

I've had a few chances to get used to walking outside even through this Winter, so at this point, as long as I'm not carrying a "ton" of awkward stuff I can start Spring once again being able to effortlessly do the (close to) 6-mile walk without feeling it or having to take a few days to get over it (and without thinking about any of it, or about how much my wallet and phone or anything else weigh).

While I'm still working on getting generally back in shape for walking (un-related to the FORMER injuries) this Spring is the first time since Autumn 2010 that I can finally go outside walking the same "me" that I was before that first injury.   (And just as the forsythia is showing signs of blooming...)

It's not a particularly interesting story, I know; but Spring 2016 is a particularly good one for me.

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