As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Wrap-Up Post On The "Notebook Blogs" Before Moving On

It's May 3, and I'm pretty much "on schedule" (as if anyone's paying attention anyway, but knowing I'm "on schedule in my mind/planning" is a good thing to remind myself, and probably my only "reader" here at this point).

Anyway, setting up the notebook blogs has been what I needed in order to have some way to get some things down as part of the overall picture of "a way for everything to make sense".  I can now safely isolate the stuff that's all related to, tied in with, or basis for SOME other/new writing (and even some older writing).  It occurs to me that, really, I could use two more notebooks.  Instead of setting those up I may instead just incorporate them into the "umbrella/situation" notebook, and maybe add some pages.  I have reasons for not choosing the "add-page" option in many instances.  Those reasons don't apply to the "umbrella notebook".

As planned, I devoted my couple/few days to the "notebooks set-up project", and it was a couple/few days well spent (to me).  Of course, I did throw in that load of laundry yesterday (which I really should have done Sunday).  Yesterday, too, I did some time working on some actual writing that has nothing to do with the whole "free-time blog thing".  Also yesterday, I went around to a few of my other pages to see what they needed.  I didn't really need to remind myself about what they needed, but checking in with some of those pages (unfortunately) reminded me of how neglected they are.

In a previous post I referred to setting up a foundation for future writing.  As part of some of that "expanding" on the lowest levels of "foundation", I'm increasingly aware of some sections of it that just need to be deleted and/or better developed (one or the other, because "half-baked" doesn't cut it).

Some of that deleting will/can finally be done as I have this new "central thing" on which I'll focus. Some of the "better developing" will happen as I operate from this blog and decide which pages may be able to use one or another thing that I add here.

With regard to this free-time writing, my ultimate aim has been to eventually have well developed pages/sites that are actually worthy of things like reading, viewing, sharing, marketing, etc. etc.  And, at some point, my aim is to "package" that all up in a reasonable and sensible way and go the "own domain(s)" route.  I'll cross that bridge when/if I get to it.

While some of the deleting, removing, and/or better developing will naturally take place as I go from here (so I have to remind myself that I have to be reasonably patient about not having all pages/blogs "all right"), I do think I need to (in the very near future - like tomorrow) go around and look at whatever pages I have and see if I can do at least a little something to freshen them up (or maybe change settings).

Other than that, what I want to spend later today , and maybe some time tomorrow, at least adding some basic information to each notebook blog.  They can't do their job if they don't have any information or notes on them.

The notebook blogs (basic as they are, and narrow-purpose as they are) are like one of the critical "blocks" in the foundation.  From here I can decide which blocks to lift from the lowest layer of the foundation and place, instead, on the next level up; which ones to remove completely, which ones to move closer to the center of the "foundation", etc.

Basically at this point I want to now "de-expand" the lowest layer of blocks and turn what I'm aiming to build into something takes up less space but grows (at least for awhile) vertically.  Of course, the taller one hopes to build something, the more solid the foundation needs to be.

My aim is not now, and never has been, to make my online-writing efforts turn into some super-high structure that will last forever.  As with all growth (of any kind), it's not always a matter of someone/something reaching some level of size or height or maturity and then just either existing that way forever (or else, "biting the proverbial dust").

With this stuff that I have online my aim is pretty much to narrow things down to a substantial and solid thing that will stand on its own even if I don't have time or interest in adding new touches to it.  After all, I do a life beyond writing in my free time and beyond writing one or another kind of thing anywhere.  Still, as I mentioned in another post, here's the Internet, here's me, here's things I want to write about, and here's "the rest of time".

In any case, having reminded myself of my own direction by getting it all down in words, it's time to move on.  (Whether or not that orange-flower picture remains where it is on this blog, or remains as large as it is; and how long, exactly, I can tolerate that "wallpaper" background, remains to be seen.  That's it, though. )

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