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Monday, May 2, 2016

Can't Resist A Quick Comment

When you're running out of steam at 11:00 p.m. it's always good or never good (depending..) to keep working for another hour or so, discover you're hungry, have a few saltines and peanut-butter with a cup of coffee - and before you know it you're good until (let's see...) 3:06 a.m.   There's definitely something to be said for not going out and walking a few miles for a day, and instead sitting at one's computer desk and barely moving through the whole day.  This ties in with some of the "notebook blogs" I've put together, and since I was too tired at 11:00 p.m. to do more on them you can probably understand why I'm no less tired at 3 a.m.  I suppose I should have done a load of laundry yesterday (Sunday), but there's also something good about not doing laundry when one is in "don't-move-from-the-screen" mode (at least for one rainy Sunday)

You know that over-used saying about the only sure things being death and taxes?  I have a couple of other sure things:  One is that laundry does not wash itself and (on an unrelated-but-true note) food at or just past its "use by" date doesn't get any newer when one isn't comfortable with the date, decides not to use the food, and yet doesn't throw it out until it's so far past the date there's no guilt about throwing it out.

OK.  It's now 3:19 a.m., and I've spent a respectable amount of time writing foolishness.  That's a good way to wrap up the rainy-Sunday weekend and start thinking about the beginning of the work week again.

By the way (and not that anyone needs me to tell them this), but it turns out time flies even when you're not having all that great a time).

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