When I noticed today's date it got me thinking about how there are people in life that we were close to when we were young and that we grow apart from, sometimes only because young people grow into their own lives and in their own direction; and sometimes for a combination of reasons or circumstances. We know their birthday like we know our own, and no matter how many years have gone by since we've last talked to them, we think of them each year when their birthday is here.

I don't know... We think something like, "Hey, it's so-and-so's birthday today. I wonder how s/he is." If we were particularly close to them for enough time it can, in some ways (and yet not other ways) seem kind of strange not to even consider calling the person. Then again, with moving on and/or going in different directions being what they are, it would also be strange to think about trying to contact that person as well.

And yet, each year on that person's birthday we do tend to notice that date. It's just kind of strange; that's all.