It's 4:51 a.m. Saturday morning, and ever since this most recent "stint" of exceptionally cold temperatures was going on, I've just any version of a schedule that I had completely messed up. Yesterday was nice out - almost Spring-like. Today is supposed to be even warmer, so great. Those two days don't count. It's the several days leading up to them that got my schedule really messed up.

Well, I had a whole thing going since last weekend that I was planning to "hunker in", but then I had guests and then I went out. I don't know... I've had no real system; and as nice as yesterday was, I didn't have any system either because it was Saturday.

So, as I seem to have been doing over the last few days in particular, and since it's the weekend and therefore it doesn't matter much anyway, I stayed up all night doing "whatever" on the computer, mainly because I could.

Now I realize I need to try to get a few hours' sleep (and I DO mean "few hours", which is probably the real reason I seem to not to be coming up with anything awfully productive) I realize that I won't be able to sleep unless I have a nice, big, cup of coffee. Not everyone uses coffee as a sleeping aid (needless to say), but I do.

What I'd really like to do is stall myself off two hours and call it "morning coffee". Instead, I think I'll make a quick cup so I can sleep and call it my "bedtime coffee". I'll deal with morning in a few hours..... In any case, Monday isn't far away. I'll get a little more back to a normal schedule then.

Photo: ME Whelan