As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Monday, June 1, 2015

Sometimes You Just Have To Take A Break From It All - And Essentially Do Only Dumb Things For A Couple Of Days

February 13, 2014
Earlier in the day I read a post by another Bubbler about changing one's Bubblews avatar, and he mentioned "brand" and whether changing the image might be a problem (related to that).

I have no real "brand", for the most part (or at least in a lot of ways - and even less, if that's possible, on Bubblews than with my overall online efforts), for the most part (or at least in a lot of ways - and I suspect that doesn't do me a lot of good in a lot of ways either). Then again, though, I do other things on here that probably don't do me a lot of good either; so - I don't know - there's a point where I just "do whatever" and let any chips for where they may (or where they don't, and as a result of my somewhat relaxed attitude about a lot of things. :/ ) On the other hand, one thing I've learned in years of online "endeavors" is that sometimes just kind of doing what you feel like doing can pay off in small ways (although I doubt ever in bigger ways - at least no in the shorter term). :/

In general, and on most sites, I'll select an avatar and keep it unless something like a holiday shows up, at which time I'll put up a holiday image for a day or so; and then go back to the usual one. On Bubblews I originally had one of my usual (and uninteresting) images for quite awhile. Then I switched to a whimsical one because I was thinking that may be more appropriate for this particular site.

My problem tends to be, however, that I'm only OK with "whimsical" for x amount of time before I start to get tired of it. So, I then switched to an image I've never used anywhere (I don't think), which was a bunch of orange flowers (they went well with the red background I've selected and were more "me" than the cutesy smiley with flowers that I originally made for a children-focused site I have. It's cute, and I do like the whimsical nature of it. It's just that I can only take "whimsy" for so long before I need not to look at it for awhile.

While I don't particularly take myself very seriously, most of the time I take most (certainly not all) of my online writing fairly seriously (at least in some ways and with regard to some things). Recently, however (VERY) recently, I notice that my "avatar behavior" (at least on this site, but other behavior on some other sites) seems to be kind of similar to the behavior/attitude of, say, the high-school, class-clown (most often, perhaps, boys who sit in the back of the class) who fools around mostly (I'm guessing) because he's not really interested in what's going on (or at least not as interested in that as he is in something else that he finds more interesting).

The other day I thought it would be funny (sort of, or cute - or something) to turn my old, whimsical, smiley-with-flowers, avatar into a Wintry-looking one. So, I gave "him" a hat. Then when I heard more snow was coming (as well as sub-zero) temps, I gave "him" a warmer hat and a scarf. Then I decided that "he" ought to make the best of the Winter weather by, maybe, going skiing. It's not that I don't have ideas for posts, and it's not that any apparent lack-of-interest I seem to have had for a couple of days has anything to do with Bubblews or any other site online.

It's also not that I've either gone crazy or entered a second childhood. Part of the apparent foolishness is, of course, thinking that it might be kind of whimsical or cute to have one or another "personalized" smiley show up in one place or another. Part of it, I guess, is also that I kind of think my profile (and a bunch of serious-subject posts I have) could stand a little "lightening up".

Mostly, though, it's just that every once in awhile a person has to stop caring, or being so conscientious, or whatever else my apparent "problem" seems to be - and just be goofy and useless for a couple of days. It's all a long story, and although I'm not all that goofy on most of the sites I have stuff on, there's no doubt that I've "gone a little wild" (at least as far as most writer-types ever "go wild") in other ways and on other sites too - only without the reasonably pleasant "whimsy".

I don't know.... Sometimes caring runs its course. Sometimes it needs to find a new course. The good thing about this particular site is that apparently doesn't have a big problem (as far as I know) with people's "just being" or "just writing" in whatever degree of caring, not caring, or anything else they're in mood to be, or write. And so, particularly for the last two or three days (or so) "writing my world" has meant taking a few days off from all that is serious and thinking of things such as whether to make my smiley-man doing cross-country or downhill skiing. :) :)

Image: Smiley In Rose-Colored Glasses (But With Clear Lenses),  ME Whelan 
(June 1, 2015, Note:   Since I'm in the process of doing some transferring of material the "Smiley in Rose-Colored Glasses" image is not on this post - at least not for now, but maybe never..  I don't know yet what I'm doing with some of these posts, if anything) .

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