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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Saturday Dance Performance Will Brighten A Gray Saturday

January 18, 2014 There’s nothing like a Saturday afternoon dance performance to brighten up a dreary January – and Saturday.

The house is about as dark as it get rights now because of snow. It’s not a lot of snow, but the darkness is more like the kind of darkness that happens when downpours of rain are about to break out. Anyway…

My Saturday will be brightened up when I attend a dance performance being put on my daughter’s dance company, which is something she’s involved with as a side thing separate from her usual work. It’s really nice to see all the dancers and how much work they’ve put into the performance. It’s also nice for me, too, however, because I still get to go to some version of a “dance recital” even though the daughter who began taking dancing lessons at three still enjoys dancing and participating in the dance program.

The snow is supposed to end. I hope it does. I imagine I’ll be back here some time late-night tonight (not that the performance will go from afternoon to late night; it’s just that it’s Saturday, and there are other things to do too.

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