Now that it's twenty minutes away from midnight where I am, I'm getting ready to step away from the computer and finish up with the final preparations for Christmas. The night before Christmas is, for me, spent at home with whomever happens to be here, or show up. Besides a little get-together there are always some last-minute preparations for whichever grown son happens to plan to stay over Christmas night. It's kind of on the late side for me, but I suppose that before I "step away from the computer" I should find the files that have Christmas music. We'll be needed those later as Christmas Eve day turns into Christmas Eve evening.

In any case, the real reason I'm posting this is that I wanted to leave a personal Christmas wish for anyone who happens onto this post and/or my profile. I don't personally know any Bubblers, but I don't think the messages of holiday cheer and, more importantly, peace to all, needs to be limited to only those folks we personally know.

So, to those who celebrate Christmas....

May this Christmas bring all that you hope it will bring to you and yours.

Photo: ME Whelan