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Monday, June 1, 2015

To Each His Own, I Know But - (About Food Pictures)

January 28, 2014 First, I can't emphasize enough that I respect that everyone has different preferences and approaches to things, so I'm truly not suggesting that I think some things shouldn't be on a site like this; because I know that pretty much most of what I've ever posted here shouldn't really be on a site like this either. Or, whether it's something someone else posts or something I post, sometimes it's not so much that it doesn't belong on a site as it is that x number of people aren't going to be interested. So, it's all fine.

So, having tried to establish that I don't think my preferences are any better than anyone else's (but I don't think anyone else's are any better than mine either, by the way), I just have to say express myself, for once on for all, on this matter......

What's with the food pictures?????? I hate food pictures. Part of it IS that I just don't happen to like pictures of food - not on television commercials, not in magazines, nowhere. I know that some people like food pictures. I just don't (or if I do it may be the rare picture of something like a particularly pretty fruit). Another part of my "thing" about food pictures is that I've been on the Internet for quite awhile, and a whole lot of people like food pictures, post food pictures, think food pictures and food writing is a great thing.

Now, I can't really say that I hate food, because I have my few foods that I like. It's just that a) I don't really see food as an "interest" (that's the thing about everybody's having different interests, of course), and b) even if if I may like a food I just don't want to see pictures of it.

I know a lot of people like food. They like recipes. They aren't even just interested in the recipes they might get from "high-profile" sites like Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart. I can't imagine it, but I know that some people actually trust the recipes of strangers on the Internet. That's fine. I'm not knocking the recipes or anyone who feels comfortable trusting the recipes of strangers. And, even though I, personally hate food pictures; I know that the person looking at a recipe wants a picture. So I can give a pass on food pictures in recipes.

The one I really don't get (and again, I'm not saying they shouldn't be on here - just saying I don't "get them" and don't particularly care for them, myself) is the picture of, say, somebody's plate of Spaghettios - and then the few lines about how that person had Spaghettios for lunch, linkes Spathettios, forgot about Spaghettios, or fondly remembers Spathettios.

Well - I mean - I just honestly don't "get" posting a picture of your lunch on the Internet. I know, though, that there are reasons people post stuff on this site other than worrying about who thinks it's a great post, whether something makes sense or is interesting, etc. etc. In other words, I know that a whole lot of people on here don't care what they post; and if someone wants to post a picture of Spaghettios it's his business. Honestly - I'm not thrilled with whatever I've come up with to post on here. I have no doubt that zillions of people hate to see it coming. (lol lol). Well, I hate to see it, myself. That's a separate issue, though.

Particularly after spending x number of years on a lot of other Internet sites, I just had to once-and-for-all say that a) I don't really get posting a picture of your sandwich online, and b) I hate to have them show up.

When my children were young one of them had a little play kitchen, and we stocked it with all kinds of toy food, including fake cupcakes and pretty much fake everything else. Now THAT food was both interesting and fun. :) Also when my children were young, their father, they, and I would sit around and make miniature fake-food about whatever paper, clay, tissues, or other items we could find to create adorable, miniature, fake-food. Now THAT food was interesting and fun. I'm sorry, though.... "Here's a picture of my toast," just isn't my idea of what I want to see (or post) on the Internet (and, yes, I thought I'd give that kind of thing a try - and it just isn't my cup-of-tea).

Oh, wait.... I wonder if I should take a picture of my cup of tea and post it on the Internet. It may not be particularly fascinating, but it's something to post.... Nah... I'll capture the far-more-fascinating cup of coffee that I'm planning for later in the day.

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