As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Other Writing Post A

M E Whelan Online

This is an all-purpose, central, site for most of my online writing; and it includes a lot of extra information/material either as part of my trying to make this casual site a little more entertaining (or something).  Pretty much all my casual, online, writing is a matter of dumping stuff online and figuring out how to sort it all out later.  This site, in particular, is in need of major overhaul (and more), but until now it has (at least for the "free time"/"casual basis" writing) it has served as a good place to organize a bunch of material.  That's why I have not (again, at least for now) either deleted or set on "private" this particular site.

Words By ME Whelan 

Like the site/link immediately above, this blog is one of two pages/sites left with my name in the title.  Originally, I was both lazy in thinking up a title and also aiming to make it clear (mostly to myself) that these were "author-focused" pages/sites.  More accurately, maybe, "author-focused-turned-dumping-ground".  For now, this blog remains online, but until I either fix it up or get rid of it I'm leaving the link here in the "other writing/posting department".

Up Close and Interpersonal

"Up Close and Interpersonal" is another Wordpress blog which, along with this one here, are where I plan to start to put in some more serious efforts (at least as far as casual writing goes).

Educated Guesses and Common Sense (About Children)

Yet another Wordpress blog, the title of this one is self-explanatory.  The substance of this one is still in the relatively early stages even though it's been around for awhile and in different incarnations.

A Parent's Perspectives

This is one of a handful of "Perspectives" sites, and my aim is put together a site that offers a combination of personal perspective, thoughts, and maybe some insight; along with resources for the visitor who prefers more expert takes on a subject.  My aim - once I "migrate" the Perspectives sites - is that they will offer something more "serious" or "heavy duty" while also offering my own (more "light duty") material for visitors who may prefer that.  In other words, the aim is to have something for everyone - but besides further developing the Perspectives sites as far as offerings go, I need to tie together the different types of material in a more cohesive way.

Perspectives - Social Issues

The title of this "Perspectives" site is self-explanatory, although the site remains at a close-to-embryonic stage of development.  It won't take long to improve that situation.  It's all a matter of remembering to get back to the site and give it a little attention.

Perspectives - Relationships

This one isn't a whole lot more developed than the Social Issues one (although there are actually some worthy videos on there).  In any case, there's not a lot of point saying much about this one right now.

Divorce Perspectives

This one actually has quite a bit of material on it, and my aim for this one is that it become a site (even if a "migrated" site) that offers some real substance to a very real problem.

Words and Then Some

The fact that this site and the ME Whelan Online site both exist is an indication of my not knowing how, exactly, I was going to shift away from using a long-time pen-name gracefully.  One of these sites is going.  The aim for the other is to put some finishing touches on it and essentially "seal" it as far as future material goes.  (Well, my aim is to either "seal" or else out-and-out delete a whole lot of the material I have online right now.  It's just that it's a big project to do all that, and I really don't want to do anything prematurely and end up regretting some things.)

Just Pictures of Clouds

This one is another one with a self-explanatory title.  I can't even believe I have the nerve to have this one online, because the pictures really do leave a lot to be desired.  BUT, what I've learned about so many of these "hobby-type" efforts (whether writing or pictures - I won't even call it "photography") is that the first step in moving things past a "rough draft" kind of stage is just to get material gathered together and in one place.  From there any clean-up or build-up can start to happen - or not, in which case there's always deleting.

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