As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Other Writing Post B

Note (03/01/16):  As far as I know, this particular bunch of links have all been disabled (by me).
At any given time I have several blogs "in the works".  I say "in the works" because they're all either still in the "laying-a-foundation" stage, or else their foundation is well established but my posting is not as regular as one would expect in a blog.  Basically, I see them as "early-stage" blogs that I've set up with the idea of having them there for if/when I decide and/or have the time and inspiration to post more regularly.  So aware that the blogs aren't "what blogs are supposed to be", I occasionally take them all offline just because I'm uncomfortable with the undeveloped state they're in.  Then, however, I realize they aren't completely undeveloped as pages - only as functioning blogs.  That's when I put them back online and figure anyone who runs into them can either read (or not read) whatever is there.  Not that I assume anyone would even be interested in any of the blogs at this stage; but for anyone who may be curious, I've posted links to them (even though they are not listed in search engines and not fully functioning - by any means - as of right now).

My challenge has always been that I'm not among the people who write "just for an audience" or "just for fun" (and who don't care at all about whether they can turn their enjoyment-writing into profit.  Neither, however, am I among the people whose only real interest in posting any writing online is in making money with it.  At times I wrote for either and both of those reasons, but I'm also someone who writes for reasons other than what it is I may get out of writing.  I don't mean to come across as arrogant, or as a "writing snob",  when I say this; but I often write with the hope that some reader somewhere may at least get some positive little thing from reading (and when I say "some positive little thing" I'm not referring to a repeat of information that the reader could have gotten anywhere else online or off).  There's also yet another reason that I write (and I won't go into here, but it's personal).

In any case, with all the reasons and purposes I have for writing in whatever "what-I-feel-like" writing time I have, it has become clear that all that writing needs a place where posting it makes some sense.  The blogs are, for now, that kind of place.  Over time one or another may become better developed, or else maybe I'll consolidate some and get rid of others.  For now they serve my own purposes, whether or not I have one or another listed in search engines.  They don't look like a lot of blogs often look, and they function the way a lot of blogs function.  One day they may if I feel as if they have enough substance to them that they're worth more regular attention from me.  For now, they're essentially a mostly "maybe-one-day" kind of long-term thing that's convenient for me.

Unfinished Feminism

Focus:  Ways in which feminism made little impact on women as recently as the present time.

Relationship Glitches

  Focus:  Observations and insights on some of the day-to-day (and sometimes not so "day-to-day"(difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

Lightness - For Women

  Focus:  The lighter, brighter and generally positive side of being a woman and "woman-kind" in general.

An "About-Children" Corner

  Focus:  Children and parenting

Storm Clouds and Wind Chimes

  Focus:  The smaller and larger of life matters/events that lead to stress/distress

Bootstraps and Breadboxes

  Focus:  Concerns/worries about money in the day-to-day lives of working and/or low-income individuals.

Life on Key

Focus:  Originally set up to feature the articles I most wanted featured, this site is (at least for now) one that features general-subject articles.

The Hat-Box Journal

Focus:  No particular focus, to be honest.  Originally, I had plans for this one.  For now, it's just kind of there.  Maybe I'll do more with it at some point.  Well, actually, it's not so much that I have no focus for "The Hat-Box Journal".  It's just that I only do so much of the kind of writing that fits that focus, which really is only about "just-writing".

No Senior Coffee

  Focus:  Based on the idea that a whole lot of people over "a certain age" don't feel any older than they ever have, this site aimed at those people "over a certain age" incorporated (but is not limited to) that idea.

Letters About Life and Me

  Focus:  This is just a personal space for posting whatever comes to mind.  The site is designed to create a very personal "mood" because of that.

Verbosity by ME

  Focus:  Inspired by the numbers of time I've read/heard people say how "nobody wants to read anything long", I thought I'd devote a whole blog to material that would be considered "too long to read" by many people in an Internet age.

Running on Two Cylinders

  Focus:  Aimed at addressing the challenge of keeping going, and keeping life normal, when faced with being overwhelmed and/or exhausted either because of having a lot to do, having exhaustion because of unrelenting/severe and/or long-term stress, or having mild depression.

On Adoption - Resources and Personal Notes

  Focus:  Offering some adoption resources and reading, this site also offers first-hand thoughts/writing as a mother of a child who happens to have been adopted.

The Premie Experience

  Focus:  Still in need of resources in addition to those already posted, the aim of this site is offer resources and reading for parents of premies; while also offering some limited first-hand experience with having (and caring for) a premature baby.

What's Wrong in American Schools

  Focus:  Still in its earliest stages, the aim of this site is (will be) to focus on some of the sometimes less obvious problems within the education system.

My Daughter's Engagement
Focus:  Inspired by my own daughter's engagement, the aim/plan for this site is to expand to offer material for the mothers (or others) whose own daughter's look forward to a wedding.

Memories, Magic and Meltdowns

  Focus:  Creative non-fiction with women readers in mind.

For Women Fifty and Up

  Focus:  At the title suggests, material aimed at women fifty and older.

The Aching Head Chronicles

  Focus:  The smaller, almost silly (ALMOST), aggravations of day-to-day life.


  (Temporarily Offline) Focus:  This pure-silliness blog is written from the standpoint of one very busy troll doll.  Besides populating the blog with pure silliness, my other aim is to eventually incorporate some messages "from the WishNik" (troll doll) aimed at children.

A Christmas Card    (seasonal, of course)

  Focus:  Inspired by hearing many people say that they didn't feel much like Christmas a few years ago, this site is aimed at trying to offer both some ideas about dealing with not feeling very "Christmas-y", but also some material aimed at generating (maybe, and hopefully) a little Christmas spirit.

Drunk Driving and Speeding

Focus:  This site was never intended to become a fully functioning blog.  It was created with the idea of its being "an abbreviated blog with a message".  Basically, all it is is a couple of stories and some limited posts aimed at trying to make the loss caused by drunk driving and speeding feel more real to the reader.
   It is simply a case of "Here's me.  Here's my personal experience.  Here's the Internet.  How can I not try to send this very important message that too few people ever seem to get."

"Fourth-Tier Writing Efforts:

Online-Writing Notes, Issues, and Dilemmas
Focus:  As the title suggests, this site contains material about issues and challenges associated with being an online writer.

The Lisa H. Warren Blog

Focus:  This blog was created as a "home-base" blog aimed at organizing my online writing that has been done under the pen name, "Lisa H. Warren".

Straight Talk Sort Of
Focus:  The original aim of this as-yet-still-under-developed site was to have a place online where I could get away from online writing communities and just write about the issues as I see them.  It will probably be consolidated with another "straight-talk type of" blog at some point.  For now it is, as they say, what it is.

Everyday Gadgets and Other Stuff

Focus:  Personal/informal reviews, comments and/or experiences related to a variety of products. (Temporarily offline "for renovations")
An Online Writer's Junk Drawer Focus:  Even with my personal aversion to the concept of offline "junk drawers", I realized that it might be kind of handy to have a "dumping ground" for some files I have and either don't know what to do with, or else material that really isn't fit for human consumption in its present state.

Just Getting Things Straight
Focus: This site, which remains yet to be adequately developed, is one I set up with the idea of getting away from writing more "neutral" material and instead finally writing about some of the more personal things/ideas in life that I need to write - but that I haven't yet decided I really wanted on the Internet.

What Are "Fourth Tier Writing Efforts"?

The blogs that I've placed under this category are those that focus primarily on writing (particularly, online writing).  Blogs are this category are essentially a symptom of my never-ending wheel-spinning and pondering about my own direction with regard to any efforts I put it on online writing.  Not that anyone will be holding his breath for this, but one of these days I'll actually get all those files of wheel-spinning and pondering onto one of my many writing-focused blogs.  In the meantime, this particular group of blogs exists for when/if I need a place to post that wheel-spinning, pondering and/or the occasional take on Internet writing.

In case you're curious about the "tier thing"...     Here are the "tiers" to which I've assigned my different purposes/types of writing:

Tier 1:    "Real" writing, which is writing I do either for someone else or as part of one of my own projects.

Tier 2:    Writing and set-up for my general (overall), online-writing, efforts (which, at it turns out) has amounted to the online writing's  having     taken on a life of its own.

Tier 3:    Blogs that focus on one subject/theme or another (or than my own online writing).  For now these are a low-end, long-term, type of thing for me.  As far as I'm concerned, all of the blogs I have today are on thin ice with regard to remaining in existence (at least until they, or I, do something that leads to a next step in what happens to them).

Tier 4:    I should have called "Tier 4", "For Tired" because whenever I don't feel up to, or have the time for, writing something more substantial I most often end up writing about writing.  And, if I don't write about writing I instead writing about thinking about writing (that type of aimless thing).  That happens partly because writing about writing is easy when one is too tired to write much else, but it also happens because there is a lot about writing online that I've always found "energy-draining" anyway.  As a result,
 sometimes there's a chicken-egg kind of thing when it comes to whether I get tired of writing first or whether the whole online-writing environment is just kind of wearing on a person.

Tier 5:   This is the writing I do on sites like writing sites - other people's sites.  Tier 5 shouldn't be under-estimated because I've built a little income stream from Tier 5.  Still (and in another chicken/egg type scenario), I've always altered my writing to try to make it fit well enough on some writing sites, but that, in itself, can contribute to not feeling particularly energized when it comes to that kind of writing.
Tier 6:   Tier 6 writing needs to be removed from one of the many back-burners on which any one or another of those projects just sits.  Tier 6 writing needs to become, say, Tier 2 (maybe even Tier 1) writing in the very near future (and I mean VERY near), but until now those projects (and there are several) have all been at the Tier 6 level.

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