As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Writing-Reorganizing Project Continues

The reason I'm writing this as a post, rather than as yet another "note" (about the blog) is that I've finally decided that what I'm most happy with is a simple blog where I can/will write what I want to write - and without having to worry about search-friendly titles (or search-friendly anything else, for that matter) OR about adding a bunch of stuff that really isn't called for (at least with some types of posts).  I need not to worry about that stuff because (at least with some types of writing that I do, have done, or plan to do) I just don't care about it and don't want to have to care about.  I don't care who reads some things, and I don't want to care about whether some things will or won't get any traffic.  In the approximately ten years (or so) since I first started writing anything at all online, I've written stuff for other people, written under other names (sometimes, although mostly under one pen-name), written with the idea of maybe finding more work, and even written with the idea of maybe helping myself win a legal case (or two).  None of that says anything about what I've written offline

When I first found revenue-sharing sites (writing platforms) my original aim was to "un-rust" my skill with writing on demand.  Eventually, though, I thought I'd see if I could actually earn any extra income by writing in my free time and on a casual basis (some things, more casual than others).  Without a whole big story, the main point is that I didn't start out with much of a plan.  So, by the time I'd been involved with online writing for a while I already had a bunch of pieces of writing, some written with short-term aims in mind, some written with long-term aims in mind.  The Internet wasn't going anywhere.  I didn't see any big emergency with much of the stuff I'd put together.

Eventually, I'd built up a collection of "theme-focused" (rather than "author-focused") blogs/sits.  I figured I could either gradually develop them, better develop them at a later time, delete them and/or move them (depending on a number of things).  So, when I refer to my "big, reorganizing, project" I'm not really referring to that stuff.  It's all there.  As far as I can guess it isn't bothering anyone.  Some of it does need some "perfecting"/"polishing", however; so while I once had one frame-of-mind when dealing with them, I've since decided that unless/until some things are polished up I'd like to bury them for awhile ("de-emphasize" them).  They're not so horrible or shallow that they don't deserve some fixing up.  They just don't serve my purposes or reputation very well as they are.  Some don't so much need polishing up as they need more posts and/or other content.  Since my most immediate focus has always been more about writing "instead of watching television" or "instead of doing crossword puzzles" (not like I do those, but I think you get the idea) they're just remained mostly back-burner type things.  It's just that now I have so much of that kind of thing "out there" I'd rather de-emphasize (bury) much of it until I can either delete it or make it what I think it should be.

When I refer to the reorganizing project it's all the other, loose (and now with so many writing sites having shut down, sometimes duplicated many times) pieces of writing to which I'm referring.

Time and again I've started a new, "author-focused" (at least temporarily) blog with the idea of better organizing that stuff.  Time and again and for one reason or another, I've ended up using those "new" blogs as a temporary dumping ground for stuff that's found itself one of many "refugees" from closed-down writing sites.  It's seemed as if it's gotten more and more complicated each time something that may/may not already be duplicated and/or out there.

The result has been that until - like - today, I've had all kinds of stuff on all kinds of sites (my own or someone else's) to the point where I haven't really been able to just concentrate on writing.  Instead I'd had the thing of worrying about any number of sites/accounts being "perfected" .  Deleting stuff can be surprisingly complicated if there's enough of that stuff or if it's been out there long enough.

There's the thing about how people aren't going to search for, or as a result, find something written under an author's name, rather than what people really search for.  I can't care about that, because if I don't have a nice, simple, place to just write there won't be anything from me for anyone to find anyway.

Also, as someone who has trouble functioning if things aren't "all neat and organized", I've decided to "further develop" this particular blog by moving into it as much of my "used" writing as time permits.

My aim is to a) get just about everything under this one roof, but then b) not worry about whether I've completed that project and just picking up from here, with this blog being my one, main, place to write.  I'm not saying that I won't write in other places, and I'm not saying I won't still aim to better develop at least x percent of what I already have.  It's just that I've decided to do all writing (that isn't going on someone else's site) on this blog.  From there I can decide what gets copied to/linked from (etc.) my other sites/blogs.

I don't mind free-time/extra-time writing efforts sometimes being a little more structured/complicated than they are at other times.  It's just that they can't ALWAYS involve "more complicated" or "more structured".

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