As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Note About Some Posts/Other Content That I'm Transferring Into This Blog

With a "zillion" different sites/blogs from which I'm moving material (of one kind of another), I don't want yet another post about yet more reorganizing of things.  Still, I want to describe what I'm doing and what's here (on this blog) and why; because I don't it will all look just too peculiar.

While I haven't decided what to do, if anything, with some blogs, I have some that are too much a mix of "part-personal/part-resource-focused".  They either need more attention and/or redesign, or else they just need to be closed down.  With some that have enough stuff on them there's always the import/export thing.  That's not worth doing with some of the blogs.  With others, I intentionally (at the time) posted some writing as text boxes, rather than as posts.

In any case, I'm going to hand select and "manually import" some material from some of those blogs.  I may or may not change settings on those blogs (or on this one) at some point.  For now I want material that I've written online on this particular blog (regardless of settings).  (There's always removing or hiding material later...).

I'll note transfers that I make from these "single-theme" blogs.  In instances where there is little enough material (or when it's really old material) I'll post it all as one post here (and either do something more with it later, or not).

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