As I continue to work on things away from this blog (which is a collection of Free-Time/Casual Online Writing, Remarks, And Notes By ME Whelan) and continue to figure out what goes and what stays of my existing online-writing, the de-emphasizing of one or another continues as well....

Sunday, March 13, 2016

On "Over-Parenting" and What Can Appear to be "Helicopter-Parent" Behavior - But May Not Be

On "Over-Parenting" and "Helicopter Parents"

Note:  This post is long and kind of strangely structured.  That's because I went looking through the "Answers" (questions, actually) section of HubPages for ideas on something to write about.  One question caught my eye, but it was oddly worded in a kind of "all-expansive" way (which, of course, meant my trying to come up with some kind of "all-expansive-ish" reply that, ideally, would still have a certain degree of structure.

I wrote the thing as a "Hub" on there but then decided (for a couple of different reasons) not to inflict their site with something I just saw as "more unstructured blah-blah".  More on HubPages, "blah-blah", and saturation points (to which I haven't even referred in this "note" in future (very near future) posts.

In any case (and for what it is/isn't worth), here's the Hub that decided was better suited to a dumping ground (which is, of course, this blog). 

Oops.  Hold on.  I may have (at least temporarily) changed my mind about where to post the thing.  It will either be on here on there, and if it's there I'll post a link. 

(Update):  I ended up posting my thoughts on the matter on HubPages, rather than here.  I decided not to post a link because - I need to face it - I don't feel good about what just strikes me as "yet another bunch of casual 'blah-blah'".  I've been in the process of "de-emphasizing" years' worth of my casual writing.  I can't see trying to "re-emphasize" yet more of the same kind of writing.

Ishould re-title and re-label this post, and I probably will when I'm not tired.  For now, I'm tired.  I wrote that 1900-plus-word Hub yesterday, and then a 1000-word,  kind of related, follow-up Hub later night.  The pictures on both are mine, but I had to dig them up and do a little (very little) art work to them in order for them to be right for the Hubs (almost, but not quite, the same).

As I've said somewhere else (or here - I don't know...), writing "blah blah" is what I do when I want to get away from either other work or some things about life-in-general.  It's more productive than, say, watching television AND it's more energizing for the exhausted person.   It doesn't mean I'm particularly proud of what looks like cr*p, blah-blah" to me (because it pretty much is).

I suppose this is my not-so-subtle way of wanting to, at least to some extent, express that I'm pretty exhausted while also making it out-and-out plain to see that the "Energizer Bunny" part of me  may not doing nineteen- and twenty- hour days these days, I can still whip up a few thousand words off the top of my head if I want to (or whatever that's worth or not worth to anyone who cares or doesn't care).  

In any case, I'll probably end up taking those two new "contributions" off HubPages in the near future (unless something goes on with the site that leads me to think that casual "blah blah" is OK with them (no, not just "OK" - encouraged by them).  For now, with the changes going on, who knows....

On third thought:   I added the link.  It's in pink below the post title.  (One of these days I need to change the size of links on here.) 

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